Sky3 Seed

A seed fund to support the mission of public welfare innovation

Vision: Support and promote environmental and educational public welfare projects, change social problems and mutually create a better future.

Sky3 Seed is a seed fund that was founded in 2013 by Fare Lo with the mission of advancing public welfare innovation. With a vision to support and nurture environmental and educational public welfare projects, Sky3 Seed is committed to addressing social challenges and contributing to the creation of a more prosperous future. Through philanthropy, the spread of compassion, and partnerships with dedicated caregivers, Sky3 Seed aims to enact meaningful change.

Over the last ten years, Sky3 Seed has garnered the trust and backing of diverse sectors, allowing it to raise upwards of $1 million. This support has been instrumental in the development of 52 initiatives, reaching over 15,000 children and leaving a lasting impact. The government allocated $10 million for directly improving schools in several villages by building ascent stairs and for other local initiatives. An investment of $100 million from the private sector to develop travel opportunities in the village.

Sky3 Seed’s recent endeavors include a variety of significant projects that span several social concerns. These range from leveraging visual storytelling for powerful advocacy, to championing labor rights, and investigating the intersection of technology and philanthropy.

Picturing Progress

This project emphasizes the profound impact that visual storytelling can have in highlighting the realities of poverty. By capturing the trials and resilience of individuals and families, this initiative offers a raw and powerful glimpse into their lives, blending struggle with hope. The project’s compelling imagery, particularly in its documentation of remote communities, has garnered significant recognition and accolades for its ability to connect with and move its audience.

Revisit Qatar: Labor Abuses in Focus

Following reports that shed light on the harsh conditions faced by migrant workers, this initiative aims to revisit and reassess the situation, promoting better living and working conditions. Supported by thorough investigative journalism, the project has sparked discussions and actions towards improved policies and regulations, demonstrating the importance of continuous scrutiny and advocacy in achieving social justice.

AI for Humanity

Recognizing the limitations of traditional aid, this project explores how technology can offer sustainable support to those in need. By moving beyond immediate financial assistance, the initiative seeks to provide enduring solutions that address the root causes of poverty and dependency, highlighting a forward-thinking approach to philanthropy.