Blooming Lives, Fostering Love and Resilience.
good soil

Who We Are

Initiated by Ms. Faye Lo from Sky9 Capital’s Social Impact Division, the Good Soil Foundation is a key player in Singapore’s philanthropic innovation. We believe in fostering an environment where kindness and resilience thrive, enriching our community.

Our name, “Good Soil,” derives from Matthew 13, symbolizing our belief that with Singapore’s support, philanthropic initiatives can flourish, creating significant social impact.

Explore our past projects here: Sky3seed 

What We Do

The Good Soil Foundation, headquartered in Singapore, is dedicated to making a significant impact in the expansive realm of philanthropy and public welfare.

Seeding Social Change

We foster positive change by investing in innovative projects addressing education, environment, and poverty, nurturing their growth for social progress.

Charitable Leadership

We cultivate charitable leaders through professional training and development, fostering innovation and social responsibility for a more just world.

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We welcome individuals who share our passion for charity work to join our team and make a difference together.

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