NextGen Philanthropy Leadership Scholarship Program

The NextGen Philanthropy Leadership Scholarship Program inspires young leaders to positively impact society through expert-led training and practical exposure. With scholarships available for students from diverse backgrounds, the program aims to cultivate a new generation of philanthropic leaders committed to societal betterment.

Remote Villages in Transition

“Remote Villages in Transition” by the Good Soil Foundation documents hardships in remote areas, sparking support and infrastructure improvements, culminating in a celebrated photography book and national recognition for its impact on China’s poverty alleviation efforts.

Love is Togetherness

During the COVID-19 pandemic, NUS EMBA Class 28 of the National University of Singapore transformed their concern into hope, showcasing solidarity with “Love is Togetherness.” Their fundraising initiative raised 2.43 million yuan, providing critical resources to frontline workers and exemplifying the impactful outcomes of collective unity in times of adversity.

Sky3 Seed

Sky3 Seed, founded in 2013 by Fare Lo to advance public welfare innovation, supports environmental and educational projects, aiming to address social challenges and create a prosperous future. Over the past five years, it has raised over $4 million, supporting 52 initiatives benefiting 15,000 children, attracting substantial government support, and engaging in diverse social projects.